A Little Bit About Us...

Buy Site is a web-based procurement platform, which allows staff in different locations to request products and services with quantities and prices controlled at one central point.

Your staff can order the materials they need from their computer, tablet or phone and you receive instant notification and real-time reports, which can be filtered by location, supplier, date or order status.

Buy Site staff have an extensive knowledge of the purchasing process and will help meet all of your buying requirements.

Why we are different...

Buy Site has been designed with the user in mind. With over 20 years of purchasing experience in the construction industry in london we bring a real understanding of purchasing to your project. The majority of our customers have previously used expensive systems which are too complicated and time consuming. Buy Site keeps the process simple yet completely traceable.

Our new CO2 calculator lets you keep track of all the emissions relating to the materials procured on your projects. Using our new method we have taken emissions calculation to a new level, giving you a more acccurate picture of the carbon footprint for your projects.

Who is it for...

Whether you are a large construction company, with dozens of building sites, or a small business operating from just two locations, Buy Site is the ideal system for all your procurement needs.

Real time order updates and detailed reports will provide all the information required, whatever the size of your business.

100% of our customers would recommend our product!